Scuba Diving at Rock Dive, Mactan, Cebu

Every time I watch a travel program showing the under-the-sea world, I wonder when and how will I try to swim with the fishes with an oxygen tank on my back.
Well, I had experienced it already.

What is Scuba Diving?

Me, in my diving gear and posing with a coral
Scuba diving, as defined by Cambridge dictionary, is a sport or pastime of swimming underwater with a special breathing equipment.
As my instructor said, it does not require that the diver knows how to swim. It is like sightseeing but it is in the depths of the seawater.

Where can you do Scuba Diving?

Rock Dive


the pool and the sea
I live in the Philippines, which is a tropical country composes of 7,107 islands and a popular destination of any water activities such as scuba diving. There are numerous diving spots around the islands. But for a beginner like me and I am currently residing in Cebu, I tried it in Mactan Island which offers a lot of diving instruction shops. I had a chance to do it in Rock Dive near Shangri-la Hotel. For address and information, check below.


In the pool, testing what I learned with the scuba equipment.

How much and what are the inclusions?

For only P3,500, you can have an open water diving experience. You will have a training by a licensed Korean diving master/instructor who is so kind, approachable and responsible, a Japanese-style lunch, a 30-minute dive of 8-meter deep with pictures taken by them, rent of diving suit and equipment and the rides by car (pick-up and drop-off from your location) and boat (in going to the diving point).

If you want to have a license as a beginner, advance, master and rescuer, Rock Dive offers these. For further details, just see at the end of this post.

What can I say with my first time experience to scuba dive?

As you listen carefully to the instructor and understand it whole-heartedly, I believe that you can enjoy the view underwater safely. As he said to me, I just need to have an open mind. Meaning, I have to be willing without hesitation that I am ready to experience it.

There is a pool area where, after the lesson, I tried on the suit and the gears and did the breathing techniques. The breathing while going under is a very crucial one, so, better be compliant to him. The instructor will be very gentle to let you remember it, because safety is important before you go to the real seaworld.

Before we rode the boat.


Waiting but not sure how I feel.


OK sign!

As I hopped on the boat with the other divers and the instructor and his assistants, I was a bit nervous but really excited. I just really followed what he said. I was assisted by him and one of his diver members. It was hard at first, as the pressure on my ears was really painful. But, because of my compliance to him, I delighted touring around the 8-meter deep of the sea. One of the divers I was with, did a practice stunt which I was in awe. I said to myself that I will be back to get a license and visit again the fishes and corals.

Sarah’s Bucket List:
✓  Scuba Diving

Rock Dive

NAUI Diving Education Center

Address: Sitio Buot Punta Engano Lapu-Lapu City,Cebu Mactan Island, Cebu City, Philippines

Phone numbers: 0929-112-0707 236-4096 070-8268-7472

[email protected]

Kakao ID : rockdive

I hope this post gave you a short background of scuba diving and motivates you to try it.
Ready yourself to see the underwater, set your heart and mind for it, go forth and explore, and share your experience to others.


have a wonderful and safe travels,


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Sarah Jean Buhay enjoys traveling, sharing information about transportation schedules and fares, places to visit and eat and giving her genuine insights for readers. She once moved in Cebu from the suburban of Laguna for almost two years to fully become independent and explore more of herself and her home country, Philippines. When she travels, she tries to stay longer to understand more of the people and the place. She also stayed in South Korea for 2 months, visited Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam for a week and is currently living in Sydney, Australia.

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