Mambukal Resort and Its 7 Waterfalls in Negros Occidental


Mambukal Resort is located in Mambukal, Negros Occidental, north eastern side of it. This resort is really a great package of camping, swimming, resting, trekking, hot spring dipping, kayaking, dining and team building in a natural environment.

How to get to Bacolod City from Cebu

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How to get to Mambukal Resort from Bacolod City

1. Go to Libertad Market and locate the bus terminal
2. Ride the bus en route to Mambukal and wait for 1 hour to get there directly.


Best time to visit

January to May months’ weather is perfect to enjoy the view and various activities. Just take note if you are on a day trip that the last bus ride back to Bacolod City is 6pm.

Fares (Bacolod to Mambukal)

Jeep to Libertad     P7
Bus to Mambukal  P30


Entrance Fee

Adult  P50
Kids 11 years and below   P20

Parking Fee
Light vehicles     P15
Trucks/Buses      P30

Activities to do

1. Climb the 7 Waterfalls

There are 7 waterfalls that you can visit. You can either start from 

  1. the main starting point in Mambukal Resort where you trek going up or
  2. the starting point from the top which you can ride the motorcycle going down when you choose the former.

From the bottom, you need to sign your name first and can have a volunteer guide (but will ask a tip after) with you. The hanging bridge, which was not in use, is seen as you climbed to the 1st waterfalls. The 4th waterfalls, at that time, was not visible as the pathway going there was destroyed by the typhoon. Then, there are some waterfalls that you can take a dip.

Entrance fee: Donation to the volunteer guide

Allotment time: 2 hours

2. Dip in the Sulfur Spring

Try the hot spring with some sulfur to feel relax.  Sulfur is a mineral which is essential to our body. It was hot that it took me maybe 20 minutes before my body was totally soaked.
Entrance fee: P50 for adults

3. Visit the Butterfly Garden

See different species of butterflies and discover their life cycle in the Butterfly Garden. Good for Instagram-able photos.
Entrance fee: P25 

4. Do Kayaking in the Lake

Test your boating skills with the kayaks in the lake. Don’t worry as there are life jackets.
Boat rental fee: P30

5. Camp using tents

Wish I could try to camp there as it was cool to do it with friends and relatives.
Camping fee: P30

6. Taste their Special Sinigang

There are restaurants inside Mambukal but take note it is only during daytime. Their Sinigang is so special because of BATUAN (Garcinia morella). This is like their special sampalok (tamarind) or kamias (Averrhoa bilimbi) for making sinigang.

Sinigang na baboy: P150


Here’s what we did:

Mambukal Day Tour Itinerary


destination time vehicle
fare Philippine
hotel to Libertad Market 10am-10:30am jeep 7 php
Libertad Market to Mambukal Resort 11am – 12pm jeep bus 30 50
Climbing for the 7 waterfalls 1:30pm – 3:40pm on foot donation
Back to Bacolod City – Libertad 4:45pm – 6pm jeep bus 30

Total: 67 php (fare) + 140 php donation + 50 php  = 257 php

In summary, as a couple, it was a great way to get to know more of the person especially when climbing for the waterfalls. As a group, the place can give a lot of activities to create memories and bonds. For my second time with the place, I will still go back here. It is a very interesting place with numerous activities and it is very natural.

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