How Can Your PSA Birth, Marriage, Death Certificates and CENOMAR Be Delivered On Your Doorstep


Too tired to go to Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) office to get your necessary documents such as birth, marriage and death certificates and also CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage)? Don’t worry my Filipino friends from around the world. The PSA is offering an online registration of the documents which will be delivered within one to three working days right on your doorstep.

How to request online for the birth, marriage, death certificates and CENOMAR? homepage
  • 2. On the homepage, you can see in the middle, ‘CLICK HERE TO REQUEST NOW’ button. As seen on the image below.

Click Here to Request Now button on
  • 3. Please read carefully the terms and conditions.  So you know what to do and present. *You will see the details about it below.

terms and conditions of
  • 4. Click I ACCEPT to proceed or I DECLINE if you do not agree with the terms and conditions.
  • 5. Fill out the contact and delivery information.
    • Take note: you have to indicate an email address to which the information about payment and delivery will be sent to notify you.
    • Also, indicate the number of copies you need for each document.
  • 6. Print the page stating your reference number and payment methods.  This will be automatically sent and seen to the given email address.
  • 7. Pay to different payment methods:
    • Bayad Centers
      • Credit card payment uses the payment facility of Kabayan Central Networks, Inc. Thus, KABAYAN CENTRAL NETWORKS, INC. will appear in the credit card statement. Unisys Public Sector Services Corporation (UPSSC) will appear in the official receipt(s).
      • It is possible that the fee will be reflected in the requester’s credit card statement of account before the document is received.
Remember, the service will not be done unless you have paid it.
The number of copies multiplies to the price of the document you are requesting.
For example.
1 copy X  Php 315.00 (birth certificate) = Php 315.00

NO REFUND and NO CANCELLATION of request Policy once paid.

How much is it?

delivery destination is within the Philippines
birth 315 Php per copy
The additional PHP 15.00 serves as the Documentary Stamp Tax
(Sections 173 and 188 of the Tax Code and Revenue Memorandum Order 13-2008) per copy issued
 delivery destination is outside the Philippines
birth USD 20.00 per copy

What to do after it is paid?

Within the Philippines delivery:
Authorized people allowed to receive the following:
For Birth Certificate
  • (a) the owner of the birth certificate;
  • (b) his/her parent;
  • (c) his/her spouse;
  • (d) his/her direct descendant;
  • (e) his/her legal guardian/institution-in-charge, if minor.
    • If the document owner is a minor, only his/her parent or guardian can receive or authorize the receipt of delivery of the birth certificate. The receiving party must present a valid ID. If the receiving party is the guardian of the document owner, a valid ID and proof/declaration of guardianship must be presented.

If the receiving party is not any of the abovementioned persons, an authorization letter and the ID of the authorized person together with the receiving party’s valid ID are required to be presented.

For Marriage and Death Certificates; CENOMAR
  • Either the document owner, the requesting party or their representative is allowed to receive marriage and death certificates, and CENOMAR. A valid ID must be presented when receiving the certificate.

How long will it take for the documents to be delivered?

within the Philippines: approximately 3 to 9 working days after payment has been made. or check you email address that you have indicated for the notification. (In our case,

outside the Philippines: about 6 to 8 weeks after payment.

My experience with the online system

In my case, my father needed to have his original copy of birth certificate for renewing his passport. I have been to the office of Philippine Statistics Authority in Sta. Mesa Manila by using Uber cab. I noticed that it is difficult to commute from Laguna to Manila. So, I have decided to try getting it online.

This is how I did:

Status Date Time
Requested birth certificate via 31-Jul-17 7:40pm
Paid thru UNION bank 1-Aug-17 11:15am
Received notification of delivery 4-Aug-17 6:40am
Birth certificate delivered and received 4-Aug-17 4:00pm
It was indeed a hassle-free experience because, I just requested online at home and just paid it in UNION bank near our home. And my father got surprised that a delivery man was looking for him for a document from e-census.
my experience
Getting your valid certificates is very important for any legal purposes. So, always keep your original copy/ies.
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Remember be READY for your requirements, SET yourself to any possibilities, GO on trying the new system and SHARE your experience to others!
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